Motorcycle Review: The Honda Goldwing (2014)

2014 Honda Goldwing Release Date

The 2014 Honda Goldwing edition is slated for the Year 2014 release, which spouts similar traits to its predecessors, which is known for being a durable & remarkable long-distance travel automotive vehicle.


The 2014 Honda Goldwing is known to be a “value-worth” vehicle, with its previous models priced at competitive prices. It would be most likely be priced at USD $25000, given that the Honda Goldwing F6B Deluxe (2013) model is priced at an astonishingly low price at USD $20999. Thus, the Honda Goldwing (2014) is most likely to be in this price range.

2014 Honda Goldwing


The 2014 Honda Goldwing is supposedly powered with a four-stroke 1832cc engine, with a liquid cooling feature. The fuel capacity would be at 6.6 gallons, and consumes about a gallon / 35 miles travelled. It also comes with a computer-controlled digital ignition system, five-speed transmission with electric reverse function, 29.1 inches seats, a 40-channel radio system, push-to-talk function, and deluxe headsets installed in helmets. These high-tech yet practical specifications allow the Honda Goldwing to be one of the best value motorcycles in the automotive industry.

2014 Honda Goldwing Changes and colors

The 2014 Honda Goldwing has some additional features that would help the user concentrate more on the driving, without much distraction. The “push-to-talk” function is one such feature that is new in the Honda Goldwing, where users can just use the function and sync to their phones, where calls can be made hands-free. Another new feature that Honda Goldwing will include is the motorcycle airbag technology, which keeps the user safe, when navigating on the road. This airbag technology will deploy whenever any huge amount of impact is detecting in the vehicle. Other new features include excellent wind protection, sturdy suspension, and navigation systems.


The interior of the 2014 Honda Goldwing is one of the remarkable breakthroughs in the design & automotive industry. It has a built in MP3 system, where it can actually play music from your mobile devices wirelessly. It also features a comfortable seat, that is luxurious looking, and is able to let the user experience comfort when driving long-distances, regardless of the terrain. The Honda Goldwing will also be sold in 3 colors, namely – Grey, Silver & Red, all of which features a metallic coating.


The 2014 Honda Goldwing is also rumored to include an electric windshield, which would greatly help to reduce fuel consumption. Although this rumor is not confirmed, it is certainly desirable for such a beauty to sport a windshield that uses electric currents to heat the windshield. Other rumors include a bigger trunk size, larger & brighter GPS screen, and a electric meter.


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